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What we offer:

Use our easy do-it-yourself test to see how much energy loss is happening in your own home compared to millions of other homes out there. This information will provide you with a valuable starting point for home renovations and improvements for you to create the best, greenest, environmentally efficient place to live that you can. Make your home a green igloo! Save yourself dollars. You can't fix the problem until you identify what the problem is.

Our Vision:

To provide home buyers and home renters with an easy and affordable scientific way to quantify the energy efficiency of their home and compare it online with other homes in a very large database that will grow over time.


People that become Green Igloo Certified will be able to show people how they compare with other homes. This is beneficial because it allows renters or relistate agents to see the value of efficient construction and gives value to energy efficient windows and doors. It will also allow those that wish to do home improvements to test their home before and after they retrofit their home and come up with real results demonstrating the net gain of their capital investments.

When we gather enough data we will be able to certify a home at a particular address and you can use this certification to market your home.

We believe in being stewards of our land and economy. To be given the tools to measure our imprint on the planet. We can all use our scarce resources to live but must learn to wisely allocate our resources and create a better way to measure homes against others. This will allow us to become sustainable and yet live at a very high standard of living which we have grown accustomed to.

We believe that we as humans are to tread lightly and live well,

We have been given a great gift (our planet) and to use it in a careless way would be unwise.

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